About us

Beauty Cirque is proud to present our exclusive collection of conscious brands.  Offering the best in natural, organic, eco-friendly and scientific products, prestige brands and solutions for today's savvy, discerning consumer.

Each and every product has a story, one that we believe in, one that we wish to share with you.  With humble beginnings in kitchens and garages, the creators of these brands have poured their heart and soul into these products. We couldn’t be more thrilled to share the results with you, and we hope that you will go on to share them with your own friends and families. 

Recognizing a missing link in the beauty market, Beauty Cirque was conceptualized with the intention of providing a platform from which other innovators in the industry might flourish alongside likeminded product lines, reach a wider consumer audience and build their brands for continued success in the beauty arena. In 2011, Beauty Cirque was created to escape the corporate structure and incorporate flexibility as a brick and mortar store and the online store BeautyCirque.com brings this platform to a national audience.

Beauty Cirque will be opening it's new location as a lifestyle store, Cirque, on Montana Ave in Santa Monica. By escaping the traditional corporate setup, Beauty Cirque is able to bridge the gap between the customer and brands.  Through this close knit relationship, we are able to better assess the needs of our consumers and create a personalized shopping experience on every visit. Looking for something beyond our current handpicked assortment or not sure which route to go - just ask. 

Support independent brands and know that you are sustaining small business, perpetuating innovation and creativity in the beauty industry, and receiving only the utmost in quality and performance.