Lemonsweet Skincare Soap by Pureness Health

Lemonsweet Skincare Soap by Pureness Health

Refreshing with a kiss of citrus scent, this clarifying cleanser will detoxify and fight acne. Lemongrass and sweet orange will purify while kasu nourishes and heals. For normal to combination acne-prone skin.

What is kasu?  Using traditional techniques, we transform brown rice into kasu.  Through a natural fermentation process, we break down the beneficial compounds found in brown rice into small molecules that are easily absorbed by the skin.  Kasu contains proteins, amino acids, enzymes, and antioxidants to moisturize, firm, and invigorate the skin.

Kasu Soap + EV - What is the essence of vinegar?  The essence of vinegar is the vinegar "lees" or nutrient-rich sediment produced from the natural fermentation process of vinegar production.  The valuable essence is rich in amino acids, enzymes, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals.  Our specially formulated soaps, combining vinegar essence with kasu and essential oils, make this a truly unique soap that further promotes the cleansing, enriching, nurturing, and healing of the body and skin.  This soap with the essence of vinegar can also be used as a shampoo bar for the hair.

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Arginine - moisture retaining qualities

Proline - moisturizes and replenishes water

Serine - exfoliating to smooth and hydrate skin

Linoleic acid - blocks the production of melanin pigment causing Dopachrome

Ferulic acid - inhibits tyrosinase oxidation (inhibits melanin pigment)


Kasu Skincare Soap

Kasu is a fermented rice product rich in amino amino acids, vitamins, minerals, yeast and proteins to nourish, heal and improve the health of your skin. All Pureness Kasu cleansing bars will restore moisture, promote clarity, improve texture, fight signs of aging and fade dark pigment spots.

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