About Rianna Loving

Rianna LovingAbout Rianna Loving - Rianna Loving’s roots began as a trained creative and performing artist and by her teens she found success in the entertainment industry, mostly on television. Born in L.A. and growing up “camera-ready” turned out to be the perfect environment for this creative artist, and future brand creator. With an early career in entertainment, there was a lot of focus on one’s appearance. Combine that with her creativity and natural passion for aesthetics, fashion and design, and by 22 , she was creating beauty formulas in her kitchen, while redesigning friends’ homes and wardrobes. She made formulas to help her skin, but most importantly, it was her passion for the art of beauty rituals that she loved! With a strong trend-setting style and true passion for what she was creating, she not only made her organic products by hand, from scratch, but her dedication to creating the formulas she was making in her home ‘lab’ were growing from body to face to babies to adults and her passion for learning more about skincare resulted in obtaining her CA Aesthetics license. Her awareness of a healthy, organic lifestyle and social responsibility also became important when she set forth on her first brand.

At the time, people were just starting to discover organic foods in L.A., natural brands were starting to launch everyday and everyone was trying to “go green”. Knowing first-hand how difficult it is to create effective formulas with as many USDA certified organic ingredients as possible, Fair-Trade, and as conscious as possible, she found it to be a disconnect when brands would put these delicate formulas in plastic. When she came up with the idea of putting her organic formulas in a smarter packaging option she knew her best option was glass. She learned that glass can safely be reused after proper sanitizing and sterilization so reused glass would be the smartest option. Certain she would find a source here, somewhere in eco-friendly Los Angeles, she was shocked to learn there was no such place – or program for that matter. So she started a community reusing donation program in 2009 called ReUse Glass Bottles in Venice, CA where restaurants, bars, boutique hotels, and even neighbors would donate glass. The glass was/is available to anyone. If you want the team to remove labels, sanitize, and sterilize for your use then they request a donation where proceeds are given to the top environmental charities which they support. Nobody said being green was easy!

In the competitive industries of both the beauty world and the highly critical GREEN scene, she stood apart and broke the mold. Packaged in donated, reusable glass – gathered from a community recycling program – the brand was exclusively launched and available at prestigious celebrity-loved and L.A. culture icon retailer Fred Segal in 2009. Rianna’s brainchild quickly became a staple in the Los Angeles beauty world. Organic to Green is the first and only green and natural brand on the planet to package fine products in official community donated reused wine, beer, and sake bottles – a hit among L.A.’s hip eco-chic crowd. It was found in a few local eco-chic boutiques and hotels, where Rianna offered refillable hotel amenities. The Organic to Green brand continues to be in demand, and although the brand could easily go into the mass national market, Rianna made the decision to keep the brand exclusive and true to it’s green roots. Growing into a national product line would have effected the integrity of the line being “organic to green” with shipping requirements and cartons required from mass distributors and retailers. Organic to Green opened its first successful pop-up installment store in Costa Mesa, CA at The O.C. Mart Mix in Fall 2011 where it was a regional Refill Station and offered custom body care product creations made on the spot. Organic to Green is now exclusively available at Beauty Cirque.

Throughout the brand development process, Rianna enlisted Brad Jones for his product development, distribution, branding and strategy for such brands as Andre Walker Hair, Drybar, The Blind Barber, Ted Gibson and Neil George background.  Recognizing a missing link in the beauty market, the two insiders went to work on a unique retail strategy.  With first-hand knowledge of what it takes to create a start up, Rianna and Brad conceptualized Beauty Cirque with the intention of providing a platform from which other innovators in the industry might flourish alongside likeminded product lines, reach a wider consumer audience and build their brands for continued success in the beauty arena. In 2011, Beauty Cirque was created to escape the corporate structure and incorporate flexibility in to beauty stores.  As BeautyCirque.com brings this platform to a national audience, Rianna and Brad continue on their search to discover and support the latest and greatest in beauty and lifestyle.

Beauty Cirque will be opening it's new location as a lifestyle store, Cirque, on Montana Ave in Santa Monica, CA this summer 2013.

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