Philip and Katy Leakey founded The Leakey Collection after seeing the desperate need to create work opportunity for their neighbors, the Maasai in the Rift Valley, Kenya. The Maasai men took the cattle far and wide in search of grazing during one of East Africa’s worst droughts leaving struggling families behind. The Leakeys designed products from sustainable natural resources readily available to provide work opportunity to the women which allowed them to provide food, clothing and education for their children. The project began to transform entire communities as micro-businesses sprang up resulting from the women’s new economic power. The changes were so sweeping that the Leakey’s translated this success into a Fair Trade business in 2002 to extend the opportunities throughout the region.

When Dr. Ashton Kaidi met the Leakeys and learned about their work in East Africa, he agreed to review a new oil they brought for him to try which was extracted from the marula nuts in Kenya. He had their Marula Oil ORAC-tested in an independent laboratory and found that Marula Oil - The Leakey Collection had 50% more antioxidants than Argan oil. Dr. Kaidi also witnessed the wonderful hydration and soothing benefits that Marula provided his patients' skin. Based on his findings and on the Leakey's mission, he joined forces with them to bring Marula Oil - The Leakey Collection to women in the United States.

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